About Us

About Us

My original concept for this website was to provide a place to read the stories currently found nowhere else.

However, due to numerous requests from fellow Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman addicts like myself, I have expanded the scope of the website to make it more of a “one stop reading experience.” Give me a little time, but eventually I hope to post every Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman story ever written.

Some of the stories have been rescued from broken link oblivion or defunct website purgatory. They had to be pieced back together using several saved versions from different points in time. In all cases, care has been taken to preserve the integrity of the original story.

Authors are always credited when known. If an author declines the opportunity to have their story featured here, it will be regretfully removed immediately upon request.

Since so many authors use their first name (plus an initial sometimes), the stories arranged by author are alphabetized by the author’s first name.

If you find an error or a broken link, if you wish to contribute a story or have a suggestion for making this website a more enjoyable place to visit, please notify your humble hostess right away. I want to hear from you.

Now, make yourself comfortable and allow your imagination to drift to the world of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.